Legislation regulating Big Tech is working it’s way through Congress. The problem is a loophole in the legislation that would allow these companies to silence any person who uses their website.

In just the last few months Big Tech companies have already silenced and deplatformed humor websites, popular podcast hosts, and even private citizens with popular Twitter accounts. If this provision is included in the bill, this silencing and deplatforming will not just continue, but become more far-reaching and infringe on the free-speech rights of even more Americans.

The Big Tech companies in this country are run by liberals who do not hesitate to silence Donald Trump and other true conservatives. The ease with which they are able to infringe on the free speech rights of Donald Trump and other patriotic Americans is a clear sign that these companies have grown too powerful. Our conservative elected officials have no choice but to vote against this provision so that conservatives can no linger be silenced.

This issue is not about politics, but about power. Right now, Big Tech companies are going after more conservative voices, but if this type of abuse of their power is allowed to continue, big tech companies will not hesitate go after moderates, liberals, or any private citizen, publication or organization they do not agree with.

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