Curriculum inspired by Critical Race Theory – like all forms of intolerance and discrimination – has no place in K-12 classrooms.

However, the rush to ban curriculum based CRT in some state capitals has led to knee-jerk legislation that will only make the problem worse.

President Reagan’s Secretary of Education William Bennett said it best in his Fox News Column that “many Republican-controlled state houses have or are rushing to pass legislation… efforts [that] frequently miss the mark, at times to the detriment of solid fundamental conservative principles.”

Instead, Bennett encourages legislators to equip teachers with professional development resources so they can better prepare students to become independent thinkers – all without imposing the teacher’s personal beliefs.


 Parents want public schools to work well, not play political games. 




  1. Ban all forms of discrimination in schools: Any encouragement of racial discrimination in our schools – whether CRT or any name or title – has been unlawful since the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  2. Empower parents: Parents should have increased transparency into instructional materials
  3. Equip teachers and prepare students: Acknowledge that we must equip teachers with professional development resources to better prepare students to think critically on controversial topics: respect others, question and verify credibility of sources, and make informed judgements – all without imposing the teachers’ personal beliefs.